Henderson Hall

Henderson Hall

Based in the Brecon Beacons National Park, Talybont on Usk has a rich industrial and agricultural heritage which has shaped the village and the surrounding area into a close and vibrant community network. Fifty years ago this resulted in the shared vision of a community space where local life could be celebrated and supported. Mrs Henderson, a staunch member of the Talybont and District WI, made a generous donation with 25 other local user-groups fundraising to cover the building costs. It was eventually built by the local Talybont building company JL Stephens in 1969. At the time, Henderson Hall was considered a landmark initiative as it could host large community events. It's success encouraged other local communities to follow suit. The Hall has always relied on the enthusiasm and dedication of local volunteers. Over the years it has been considerably upgraded and updated. The most recent upgrade in 2017 has seen the Hall used as an exemplar of a sustainable community centre.

The village hall is an integral part of Talybont's identity and has always been a focal point for events, clubs and
social activities providing a space for all generations to mix, interact and build a sense of belonging. Times however have moved on and whilst the Halll used to get considerable grant support this has now disappeared meaning that we have to increasingly rely on income from other sources to maintain the Hall. 2019 has seen events staged celebrating the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Hall.  One of the effects of the 50th anniversary has been to demonstrate the large number of people involved in years gone by, they all have stories to tell. We have been fortunate to receive a grant from 'The National Lottery Grants for Heritage'  to try and capture some of this history. We are at present in the process of contracting a visual timeline representation of this 50 years of history and also have an oral history project ongoing again to try and capture some of these recollections . This work is being lead by a group headed Rhiannon and the group would be delighted to hear from anyone via an e mail comment with a story to tell . 

The Hall is managed by a group of volunteers who are co-opted/persuaded/coerced into providing some help and expertise for a few years . We are lucky to have a very engaged and enthusiastic community hence the Hall does get plenty of support . All are unpaid volunteers with the exception of a few hours of time for the increasingly onerous task of treasurer . We are a registered charity so all money is recycled back into maintaining the Hall and on occasion trying to support particularly events for  children and families .   

We have been fortunate over the last few years to obtain a grant from the National Lottery which enabled us to upgrade our kitchen facilities to a very high standard as well as proving a bike hub with shower , toilet and bike wash facility . This facility opened in 2018 and is proving very popular with the biking community  .It collects rainwater from roof runoff to run the bike wash and toilets so ticks a few eco friendly boxes . The Hall itself tries to keep a low carbon footprint via electricity  generated by solar panels , air source heating and low energy lighting . 

The community council (who own and maintain the extensive ground surrounding the Hall) also received grant in 2018 to upgrade two rather run down tennis courts. These have now been upgraded to provide a Multi Use Sports Activity area, this is equipped to a high standard and is suitable for tennis, five a side football, Hockey, Netball and Basketball. Casual use is free and on an ad hoc basis, more organised activities, eg clubs or small children tournaments for example, do need to be discussed and booked following discussion with the Community Council. Please contact the clerk to the Council on kerenbender1@gmail.com 

The ethos of the Hall is very much to try and maintain a balance between providing an amenity at modest charge for both local people and visitors as well as trying to provide a high standard environment and service for private and corporate users wishing to use the Hall for events or weddings. We are happy to discuss services needed for any groups or individuals with special requirements . 

We value any feedback or constructive criticism that any users wish to pass on and we do undertake to take note and respond to any comments.